The City, Liang Court

The City, an “interactive learning playground” is made up of 10 different stations with the supermarket being the largest. It is also the station that Nic most enjoyed. They have mini trolleys for the kids, and money in the tills. Although I spotted only 2 notes available. I suspect most of them have been accidentally brought home by the children. It would be good if they topped up the money to encourage more play transactions.

A good range of products, ranging from milk, cereal and even floor cleaners

The laundry detergent is on sale!

Supermarket sweep

Times are hard. Snow white gets a job at checkout.

Another station, “The Classroom” had books, and puzzles. We were there 20 minutes after opening time, and to put it frankly, it was messy. Books and toys were scattered all over the two tables, and it was difficult to attempt a puzzle as the pieces were all over.

They have quite a wide range of Princess (Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine) and Superhero (Ironman, Batman, Superman) costumes, and with accessories to match. Definitely a highlight if your child enjoys dressing up. Not forgetting Police and Fireman suits.

Checking the controlled drugs in the cupboard before the start of the shift

Aspiring doctors and nurses will have fun at the Clinic. Throw on your white coat or uniform, and proceed to give the dolls a checkup with the equipment they have.

Can I have a coke with that?

The Café looked as if Gordon Ramsay threw a fit there as most of the plastic utensils, crockery and food were strewn all over the floor. Nevertheless, Joel and Nic spent quite a bit of time at this station, cooking up a storm.


The Beauty Salon is a chance for the girls to play hairdresser. They have mini hairdryers, curlers and barrettes for styling.


Pens were readily available at the Post Office, but not paper and stamps. We had to recycle the ones in the mailbox.


The Super Hero station had lots of foam blocks. I suppose the kids can construct buildings or anything they can imagine and knock them down with their formidable strength.

I feel The City is best for kids 5 and under. I can see Joel’s interest waning after awhile. Would be best if they scheduled guided activities or role play, it would make things a little more interesting!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with “The City” in any way, and paid for the entrance fee ourselves. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.