How to make a Diaper Cake


What is the best possible gift for a newborn baby? I would say it’s a diaper cake. The diapers will definitely come in handy and the baby’s mother will be pleased that she has a surplus of diapers for awhile!

There is a diaper cake for every budget. If you don’t feel too ambitious, a one tier cake will suffice. You can simply top it off with a pair of shoes, or a soft toy, or add more useful things like a rattle, diaper cream, bib or just about anything baby related you can think off!

Doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of hands to help!

2 of my good friends gave birth recently, giving me an opportunity to dive into the world of diaper cakes. Here are the “ingredients” that you need.


Diapers. I bought a pack of 60, newborn size.
Swaddle cloth, these are optional. If you choose not to use them, you can tie a ribbon around the cake instead.
Soft toy
Rubber bands, plenty of those small red ones, and 1 wide, large size one.
Cake base

Take this opportunity to make a diaper pyramid


Start by rolling all the diapers. Roll tightly from the open end, as it will look neater when completed. Place a rubber band around 3 diapers first, then put the wide rubber band over them, filling the gaps with more diapers. Constantly shape it into a circle as you go along.


Move on to the next tier if you are doing more than one .I used 33 diapers for the first tier, 18 for the second and 9 for the third.

Tip: if you are going to use a ribbon instead of a swaddle cloth, arrange the diapers in a way that they are all uniform


Next, place the swaddle cloth around the cake, and use a clothespin to hold it in place. Other alternatives include safety pins and pin needles, but I feel clothespins are less treacherous.

Ensure that the clothespins align when stacking up the tiers

Tack the label to the swaddle cloth

For a precious little girl

I got the shoes from Mothercare, which came with a nifty hanger. All I had to do was to tack it in place, along with the rattle. Easy peasy! There was a little label at the back of the soft toy, perfect for tacking it down as well. Place the completed cake on the cake base, and you’re done! If you are going to transport the cake over rough terrain, you can insert satay sticks or wooden chopsticks to hold the tiers in place. Also, you can use tulle to wrap the cake if you want a more finished look. Clear plastic will do as well, but I think they should be reserved just for wrapping school books.

Pleased mummy and her sweet bub


Diaper cakes are really easier to make than you think. The only difficult part was rolling 60 diapers. It seemed like an immense, intimidating job at first, but graduated to second nature by the 28th diaper. Diaper cakes are definitely my go-to present now for a new mother!


Washi Polaroid Christmas Tree Ornament

Are you a big fan of washi tape and polaroids? If you don’t want to splurge on getting the character polaroid film, you can always dress up the plain ones with washi tape. As ’tis the season to be jolly, attach a piece of yarn, twine or string to the back of it, and you get an ornament to hang on the tree!

Apply washi tape all around the edge

Ready in 3 minutes!

It’s fast and easy, even for the little ones!

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Easy Christmas Tree Bunting

I admit, I’m a big fan of buntings. They dress up a naked wall, and have a festive air about them. Besides walls, they also go well on cards, and cakes! Since Christmas is around the corner, and the kids need something to occupy them, this bunting is perfect for the holiday season.

You will need, paints, brushes, drawing paper, a pencil, yarn and a Christmas tree template.


First, fill an entire piece of drawing paper with green paint. Feel free to let your child choose their preferred colour. Purple or pink trees will look as brilliant as good old green!


Proceed to add little polka dots or whatever design you fancy all over.


Leave it to dry completely, thereafter, trace out the Christmas tree template on the back of the paper.


Next, cut them all out. Kids will need a little help here.


Attach them to your yarn using either washi or scotch tape. Your bunting is now ready to be hung!


Stand back, enjoy, and soak in the magic of the bunting!

Friday Five, Clay Necklace

All little girls are naturally attracted to jewellery and little bits and bobs, and Nic is no exception. She is especially fond of necklaces, and will carefully choose one from her small collection to match her outfit before we head out. Therefore, she was naturally ecstatic about this craft on making a clay necklace.


You will need clay, a toothpick or a wooden skewer, string, and a plastic knife.


First, roll your clay into a ball, then proceed to shape it to a long strip. Cut the strip into equal knobs. If you have a craft board, it will come in handy as a base for cutting, and you can use the little squares as a guide.


Next, roll them into a round shape. Nic liked this part as she enjoyed shaping the little pillows of clay.


Continue to mould them into any shape you fancy. We stuck to the classic round shape, and did donut rings as well. This step and the next may be a bit tricky for the kids so they might need a little help.


Use the toothpick or skewer to poke a hole through for the string. When they are all done, give them some time to dry. We used soft clay from Daiso, and it took about 2 days to dry. The soft clay was a little flaky, even after a week, so I might try “jumping clay” the next time for this craft.


Time to string them up once they have dried! The order is of course, left to Nic to decide. It helps to tape one end of the string, to make it easier for the bead to slip through.


Knot it up, when you’re done, and it is ready to wear!

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Cardboard + Washi Tape Camera


There is a certain magic from taking a photograph. Nicole can attest to that. She is always trying to borrow the Husband’s mobile phone to use the camera function. I thought we could do a camera related craft together.

This craft is made up of a few of my favourite things, Pocky, washi tape, and paints! You can choose to solely paint the box, and not washi tape it, or vice versa.

Step 1

Get a box of Pocky, or any other similar box, and empty its’ contents. Save it for later as a treat for completing the craft.

Step 2

Open one side of the width of the box. Slip your hand inside to hold the box while painting. We used white paint to hide the Pocky design first, followed by purple. Let it dry in between coats.

Step 3

When the box has dried, use a loo roll to trace a circle in the middle of both sides of the box. Cut the circles out, do cut one side a little smaller than the other side, so the “lens” does not fall out through the back.

Step 4

Cut the loo roll in half, save the other half for another camera. Decorate your loo roll. You can choose to paint, colour with crayons, decorate with stickers or washi tape it. I taped half of the roll with a different design, so the kids can pretend one side is a “fish eye lens”, and the other side is a “macro lens”. Slip it into the camera when you are done.

Step 5

Hot glue a milk carton box cap for the shutter, and the sides of the camera for the strap. I used yarn for the strap, but a ribbon will work as well. The length of my yarn was slightly longer, so the kids could carry it crossbody style. Just tie a loop knot if its too long, you can gradually adjust it to your liking.



After the glue has dried, bring your camera to the park for some photo fun! We managed to shoot some trees, dogs taking a walk, kids at the playground and Joel attempted some rather interesting point of view angles.

Say cheese!

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DIY Birthday Card


I’ve been eschewing store bought cards for the longest time now. Ever since I discovered scrapbook paper, wood chips and craft embellishments, I’ve been making my own cards. I’m no expert though, my so called cards are made with maybe 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, a couple of stickers and maybe an embellishment. 

My aunt turned 70 recently, and instead of reaching for my craft box, I sought Joel’s help to make a card for her. He coloured a cake template, which I printed off the internet. We stuck it on the card, then I threw him the challenge of drawing 70 candles on the cake. Looking at the size of the cake and card itself, I thought it was impossible to fit 70 candles on it. I hoped my aunt didn’t mind the candles sticking out from the sides of the cake.

In the end, Joel managed to fit all the candles on the cake. We counted together, and when we got to 70, I breathed a sigh of relief that there wasn’t going to be any gravity defying candles. 

I’m definitely going to use this template again. Suitable for anyone from 1 to 70! 


Making Clay Mooncakes

Mid Autumn Festival was yesterday. How did you celebrate it? We had some friends over last weekend for a lantern party. To occupy the kids, one of the activities I lined up for them was to make their own clay mooncake.


I got my mooncake moulds from Phoon Huat. If in doubt, get the plastic ones. Wooden moulds are a disaster with clay, I learnt it the hard way. The clay sticks to the wooden mould, and it is impossible to pry it out.

I got the soft clay from Daiso. They have a variety of colours. We pretended mint green was snowskin green tea and yellow was durian flavour. Art Friend sells plasticine, which I recall using when I was a kid, but it is much harder compared to clay.

Here goes!

Step 1


Pinch a dollop of the clay and roll it into a ball

Step 2


Find a mould

Step 3


Stamp it

Step 4


Use a toothpick to press the sides lightly to make the ridges

Step 5


Voila! A mooncake!

I got a little box for the kids to place their mooncakes in to take home. One of them got creative and made heart shaped ones, I think it will be a hit if they were on the market!

To keep them busy, I printed out colouring sheets from the internet as well, but these were a little less popular than playing with clay.

These were made with Play-Doh

“Egg yolk” within!

Before the party, I experimented using Play-Doh as well. The verdict? I like it better as it is more pliable and the pattern of the mould came out a little more defined. I used clay for the party as after it has set, the kids would have a little souvenir for keeps.


Hope you had fun as well from eating mooncakes and playing with fire!

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