Book Review, What gives us our names and The library of unrequited love

What gives us our names, Alvin Pang


This is a short, lovely book that touches on courage, patience, and beauty, to name a few. It describes them as a person, bringing life to these underrated terms. If I wanted to seek a better and clearer understanding of these words, I’d put away my dictionary and reach for this book instead.

There is a bit of everyone in here, in this gently written book.

Here is an excerpt about courage – “I once asked Courage what he was afraid of. He joked that he lived every day in fear that it would be his last. And then as I turned to go, he whispered to me what he truly feared above all else: that things would remain only as they are.”

You can finish the book in 30 minutes or less, but the mark it leaves on you will last much, much, more than that.

The library of unrequited love, Sophie Divry


This book is dedicated “To all those men and women who will always find a place for themselves in a library more easily then in society.”

A librarian finds a reader who has been locked up overnight. When she discovers him, she starts on a long rant, from the dewey decimal system to architects. 90 pages of an unbroken paragraph didn’t hold my interest for very long. It did not do much for the image of the librarian either, as it reinforces the bitter, and lonely stereotype.

To sum it up, an angry (perhaps entertaining to some) rant.


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