Angus Steak House, Takashimaya

There are some days that I switch to caveman mode and think about gnawing on a piece of steak. When that happens, I like to swing by Angus Steak House at Takashimaya.


I started my meal with a Minestrone soup. The other options were Pumpkin and Mushroom. As this restaurant has a Japanese influence, the soup was light and thin.


The starter was a mini pie. When the waitress was quizzed on what was inside, she said it was a black pepper prawn. Though the dish did not have a hint of black pepper at all.


Salad, with a tangy dressing. Worked nicely as a palate cleanser after the mini pie.


Not your usual, run of the mill bread roll. Served warm, and slathered with butter, it will have you asking for another.


My sirloin! I enjoyed even the fatty bits, which usually I’d avoid. Though it was leaning on the side of well done, despite me asking for medium well.


My partner’s tenderloin. His was done medium, and it turned out to be ACE. Every piece was a melt in the mouth moment.


Ended the meal with a tiramisu. On the whole, dinner was splendid, by my standard. Service was always with a smile. A bone to pick, their waitresses still wear the traditional French maid uniform. Would be better if they don something else to reflect the strong and empowered woman of today!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Angus Steak House in any way, and paid for the meal ourselves. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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