Easy Christmas Tree Bunting

I admit, I’m a big fan of buntings. They dress up a naked wall, and have a festive air about them. Besides walls, they also go well on cards, and cakes! Since Christmas is around the corner, and the kids need something to occupy them, this bunting is perfect for the holiday season.

You will need, paints, brushes, drawing paper, a pencil, yarn and a Christmas tree template.


First, fill an entire piece of drawing paper with green paint. Feel free to let your child choose their preferred colour. Purple or pink trees will look as brilliant as good old green!


Proceed to add little polka dots or whatever design you fancy all over.


Leave it to dry completely, thereafter, trace out the Christmas tree template on the back of the paper.


Next, cut them all out. Kids will need a little help here.


Attach them to your yarn using either washi or scotch tape. Your bunting is now ready to be hung!


Stand back, enjoy, and soak in the magic of the bunting!


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