Friday Five, Clay Necklace

All little girls are naturally attracted to jewellery and little bits and bobs, and Nic is no exception. She is especially fond of necklaces, and will carefully choose one from her small collection to match her outfit before we head out. Therefore, she was naturally ecstatic about this craft on making a clay necklace.


You will need clay, a toothpick or a wooden skewer, string, and a plastic knife.


First, roll your clay into a ball, then proceed to shape it to a long strip. Cut the strip into equal knobs. If you have a craft board, it will come in handy as a base for cutting, and you can use the little squares as a guide.


Next, roll them into a round shape. Nic liked this part as she enjoyed shaping the little pillows of clay.


Continue to mould them into any shape you fancy. We stuck to the classic round shape, and did donut rings as well. This step and the next may be a bit tricky for the kids so they might need a little help.


Use the toothpick or skewer to poke a hole through for the string. When they are all done, give them some time to dry. We used soft clay from Daiso, and it took about 2 days to dry. The soft clay was a little flaky, even after a week, so I might try “jumping clay” the next time for this craft.


Time to string them up once they have dried! The order is of course, left to Nic to decide. It helps to tape one end of the string, to make it easier for the bead to slip through.


Knot it up, when you’re done, and it is ready to wear!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Five, Clay Necklace

  1. I notice more and more people getting their arts and crafts supplies from Daiso. I really must go and check out what they have. The necklace is so adorable and I love your little girl’s dress!

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