Clay Cove Holiday Workshop

During the September break, I signed the kids up for a workshop at Clay Cove, situated at Centrepoint. As I did not want anything too intense, I thought this 2 day workshop would be ideal for them.


Joel could choose to sculpt either a race car or a pair of lambs, and Nic did a dish. What I like about Clay Cove is that they use pottery clay. Each completed piece would be fired first, before applying the paint.

Day 1, Sculpting the lamb.

Day 2, taking time out from painting to wave.

Nic on Day 1, getting ready!

Nic on Day 2, plotting her colour design.

Despite it being a short workshop, I found the teachers there friendly and attentive. They managed to observe Nic’s characteristics and provided me with some rather accurate feedback. Modelling with clay enhances their motor skills, and I’m always an advocate of anything that involves painting. It is a good opportunity for them to try it on another medium, other than paper and cardboard.

Awarded a Young Potter certificate at the end.

Joel’s pair of lambs.

Nic’s dish. Love the bunny at the side!

There is approximately a 3 week wait before you can collect the completed work, as it had to be fired in a kiln again after it has been glazed-painted. Definitely made to last. The kids were immensely pleased to be reunited with their masterpiece. It is now being displayed proudly on their bookshelf!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Clay Cove in any way, and paid for the workshop ourselves. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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