Pancake Art for Kids

There has been a slew of pancake themed or DIY pancake restaurants popping up. We’ve never been to one, because Sunday mornings usually mean pancakes for breakfast, done by the Hubs. I must say going out to eat always seemed more attractive. One can escape the washing up, that’s for sure!

Here are some of our favourite pancake shapes-

4,5,6 on the way!

Gleeful with what they wanted

When the kids were younger, and just getting familiar with numbers and the alphabet, they would badger Daddy for pancakes that spelt their names, or their age. This phase has since passed.

This is in the easy category. Waiting for the day they ask for a narwhal.

A friendly spider

Another popular option was bugs, insects or animals. This is the most fun for the kids as they can use fruit to decorate their pancake.

Someone call the ghostbusters!

This was requested while probably still under the influence of Halloween.


Or you can stick with the good old classic shape – round!

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