Okonomiyaki, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is a dish made up of mostly flour and cabbage. You can add whatever you fancy, some popular ingredients include bacon, prawns, meat, squid and noodles. You sort of cook everything together into a pancake, and top it with copious amounts of bonito, sweet sauce and mayo. It is not common here in Singapore, thus we decided to seek it out in Tokyo while we were there.

We saw a sign!

We were in the Shinjuku area, milling around, looking for dinner, when we chanced upon an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a hole in the wall, (actually a hole in the basement), shop. It was a small restaurant, sitting at the most, 20 people. All the patrons sat around the grill, manned by 2 chefs.

Cabbage. A lot of cabbage.

Adding the egg.

More sauce for you to add.

It’s done!

Nic tucking in with gusto.

The verdict? Absolutely delicious! Looking at the amount of cabbage used, I’d say this dish is extremely healthy too. Better to visit in a group, as you can get different varieties and not get weary of your own version. One pancake alone was pretty filling, as we had noodles in ours. I’m not sure about you, but I sure enjoy watching my dinner being cooked! Bonus points for keeping the kids entertained while waiting for their food.

Love the little details that make up a restaurant. Saw a calendar that had Okonomiyaki pictures and quotes on every page. This one translates as “Soon, Father’s day will be over, however, do savour the dishes.” And yes, we were there on Father’s Day weekend!

Do share if you know any good Okonomiyaki restaurants!

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2 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki, Shinjuku, Tokyo

  1. Cheers for liking my post about Dotonbori! Yep, since I’m more Tokyo-inclined, if I had two non-blurry day/night photos of Shinjuku (near Yasukuni dori), they would have been the subject.

    Do you prefer Hiroshima or Osaka okonomiyaki?

    • You’re welcome! I must say I prefer the night shots. It’s visually appealing because the colours are more vibrant. I’d definitely want a pic of the Glico man if I ever get there!
      I didn’t even know there are different types of okonomiyaki. If I knew, I’d have seeked them out to do a taste comparison!

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