Hong Kong Tim Sum, Lavender Food Square


After settling some passport matters one early morning, the Hubs, kids and I decided to reward ourselves with a Tim Sum breakfast at Lavender Food Square. We wanted to check out some of the cafes in the area but most of them only open at about noon.


I feel that it is a luxury to have Tim Sum for breakfast. Most mornings, it’s just boring toast and tea for me. Cheese on my toast is considered exciting. How was the food? I was happy with it. Comparable to restaurants like Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure. The spread in the picture above came up to about $28. Pretty reasonable. It filled us up nicely and we skipped lunch. Renewing passports seem less of a chore now that we have Tim Sum to look forward to!

Hong Kong Tim Sum
Lavender Food Square
380, Jalan Besar.

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Socerers’ Halloween Party, at Kids’ Gallery

We attended the Halloween Party at Kids’ Gallery last month, and lived to tell the tale! Joel is currently obsessed with all things spooky, and was badgering me for a Halloween party, so I took the easy way out and signed him and Nic up.

Halloween costumes are way overpriced in my opinion, and I didn’t feel like splurging on something that the kid most definitely will not wear nor fit into again. As you may have read in my previous post, I made a paper doll costume for Nic. Joel requested to attend the party as a ghost, so I had an easy time with his costume as it only involved a piece of white sheet and a pair of scissors.

Warming up with a song. Spot the Paper Doll and the Ghost.

The theme for the night was “Harry Potter” thus all the Kids’ Gallery teachers dressed accordingly. The children were divided into 4 teams, and there were a total of 4 stations. You get a small bag of candy after every station. At the games room, you get rewarded at every booth!

The first station we went to was the craft room where the kids made a photo frame.

The frame was made out of cardboard, which I’m guessing that it was from their previous event. A good idea nonetheless, to involve recycled materials!

Hair ribbons are the latest fad this season.

The completed frame. I like how the witch could “fly” as she was attached to a straw.

The second station was SNACK TIME!

Love the décor here!


An orange masquerading as a pumpkin. Very clever.


This was my second favourite station because of the décor. The food was also aptly named, Siew Mai was “Steamed Brains!” Parents were most welcome to help themselves to the spread, and they were thoughtful to provide coffee and tea for us. After a quick bite, the kids were heralded for picture taking.

Nic posing for a photo, which will be slotted into the frame which she made earlier.

Joel’s turn. I have no idea where he learnt the “rock on” sign from!

The third station was games.

Aiming to topple them down.

Fixing Mr. Bones.

A “fishing” game, using magnets.

The last station was the Maze room, where the kids walked on balance beams amidst a sea of giant spiders.


After completing the 4 stations, the teams met again, and did their house cheer. This was followed by what is best described as a kids’ rave party, as they switched off the lights, passed them some glow sticks, and blasted the theme song from Ghostbusters. A few toddlers started crying, but the older kids seemed to like the rowdiness. Then it was time to hand out the Best Costume awards. A little one dressed as Harry Potter, complete with round glasses scored the Best dressed boy award.

Winner of Best dressed girl! Yay!

The frame with the picture taken earlier. Would be better if it was more zoomed in on the subject.

Time was a little tight at the craft station, and much more relaxed at the games room. The kids repeated the games about three times, and had time to cross over to the other room to try the “Maze” again. I would like more craft activities compared to games, but that’s just me. Also, I would prefer to reduce the amount of candy given out, and replace them with maybe some stickers instead. On the whole, the kids had fun, and it was a memorable experience for them!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Kids’ Gallery in any way, and paid for the party tickets ourselves. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Clay Cove Holiday Workshop

During the September break, I signed the kids up for a workshop at Clay Cove, situated at Centrepoint. As I did not want anything too intense, I thought this 2 day workshop would be ideal for them.


Joel could choose to sculpt either a race car or a pair of lambs, and Nic did a dish. What I like about Clay Cove is that they use pottery clay. Each completed piece would be fired first, before applying the paint.

Day 1, Sculpting the lamb.

Day 2, taking time out from painting to wave.

Nic on Day 1, getting ready!

Nic on Day 2, plotting her colour design.

Despite it being a short workshop, I found the teachers there friendly and attentive. They managed to observe Nic’s characteristics and provided me with some rather accurate feedback. Modelling with clay enhances their motor skills, and I’m always an advocate of anything that involves painting. It is a good opportunity for them to try it on another medium, other than paper and cardboard.

Awarded a Young Potter certificate at the end.

Joel’s pair of lambs.

Nic’s dish. Love the bunny at the side!

There is approximately a 3 week wait before you can collect the completed work, as it had to be fired in a kiln again after it has been glazed-painted. Definitely made to last. The kids were immensely pleased to be reunited with their masterpiece. It is now being displayed proudly on their bookshelf!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Clay Cove in any way, and paid for the workshop ourselves. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Pancake Art for Kids

There has been a slew of pancake themed or DIY pancake restaurants popping up. We’ve never been to one, because Sunday mornings usually mean pancakes for breakfast, done by the Hubs. I must say going out to eat always seemed more attractive. One can escape the washing up, that’s for sure!

Here are some of our favourite pancake shapes-

4,5,6 on the way!

Gleeful with what they wanted

When the kids were younger, and just getting familiar with numbers and the alphabet, they would badger Daddy for pancakes that spelt their names, or their age. This phase has since passed.

This is in the easy category. Waiting for the day they ask for a narwhal.

A friendly spider

Another popular option was bugs, insects or animals. This is the most fun for the kids as they can use fruit to decorate their pancake.

Someone call the ghostbusters!

This was requested while probably still under the influence of Halloween.


Or you can stick with the good old classic shape – round!

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Okonomiyaki, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is a dish made up of mostly flour and cabbage. You can add whatever you fancy, some popular ingredients include bacon, prawns, meat, squid and noodles. You sort of cook everything together into a pancake, and top it with copious amounts of bonito, sweet sauce and mayo. It is not common here in Singapore, thus we decided to seek it out in Tokyo while we were there.

We saw a sign!

We were in the Shinjuku area, milling around, looking for dinner, when we chanced upon an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a hole in the wall, (actually a hole in the basement), shop. It was a small restaurant, sitting at the most, 20 people. All the patrons sat around the grill, manned by 2 chefs.

Cabbage. A lot of cabbage.

Adding the egg.

More sauce for you to add.

It’s done!

Nic tucking in with gusto.

The verdict? Absolutely delicious! Looking at the amount of cabbage used, I’d say this dish is extremely healthy too. Better to visit in a group, as you can get different varieties and not get weary of your own version. One pancake alone was pretty filling, as we had noodles in ours. I’m not sure about you, but I sure enjoy watching my dinner being cooked! Bonus points for keeping the kids entertained while waiting for their food.

Love the little details that make up a restaurant. Saw a calendar that had Okonomiyaki pictures and quotes on every page. This one translates as “Soon, Father’s day will be over, however, do savour the dishes.” And yes, we were there on Father’s Day weekend!

Do share if you know any good Okonomiyaki restaurants!

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Friday Five, Paper Doll Costume for Halloween

Ever played with paper dolls when you were a kid? I have fond memories of them, so when I chanced upon the how to for making a paper doll costume, I knew I had to do this! Instructions are available at Spoonful.com, but I skipped some of the instructions, and incorporated some of my ideas. Measurements and templates are provided on the website, which made this real easy to complete!

You will need:
A large poster board, in white
Paints and brushes
Black marker
Duct tape
A bit of yarn

Step 1
Measure your child, and sketch the outline of the dress on the poster board accordingly. Using the templates, trace the bag and ribbon on the board as well. Proceed to cut it out.



Step 2
Now, for the fun part, slather paint over everything!

Pre paint

Post paint

Step 3
While waiting for the paint to dry, you can cut the “tabs” out from the scraps. Proceed to add in the little lines.

These are 4 by 2 inches.

Step 4
When the paint has dried, use a black marker to outline and draw the details.




Step 5
Attach the tabs, using duct tape. Hot glue the “ribbon” to a hair band. Following that, prepare your child that her costume is almost ready to wear! The original instruction was to use elastic and velcro to go over the back, which I found complicated. I simply used some yarn and duct tape to wear it like a giant necklace.

All ready for Halloween. Trick or Treat!

I had the most fun painting, tracing and adding the details. If you spot any paper dolls for sale, do drop me a line. I’d definitely like to relive my childhood!

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