Wordless Wednesday, Tomfoolery at the Table

This is the reason why meal times can stretch up to 2 hours. Crayons and paper are a permanent fixture in my bag, and I always let them take a book along to our dinner venue, to while away the waiting time. Eating out with kids can be a real challenge. They can’t sit still, talk loudly, and drop food everywhere. Too often, I find myself saying “Let’s finish our food quickly, and we can all go and get some ice cream.” Which family friendly restaurants do you like to eat at?


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, Tomfoolery at the Table

  1. I do the same thing then remember all the mess that comes with the ice cream 😦 To be honest most of the time we just takeaway from our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Just a few more years of growing… 🙂

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