Cardboard + Washi Tape Camera


There is a certain magic from taking a photograph. Nicole can attest to that. She is always trying to borrow the Husband’s mobile phone to use the camera function. I thought we could do a camera related craft together.

This craft is made up of a few of my favourite things, Pocky, washi tape, and paints! You can choose to solely paint the box, and not washi tape it, or vice versa.

Step 1

Get a box of Pocky, or any other similar box, and empty its’ contents. Save it for later as a treat for completing the craft.

Step 2

Open one side of the width of the box. Slip your hand inside to hold the box while painting. We used white paint to hide the Pocky design first, followed by purple. Let it dry in between coats.

Step 3

When the box has dried, use a loo roll to trace a circle in the middle of both sides of the box. Cut the circles out, do cut one side a little smaller than the other side, so the “lens” does not fall out through the back.

Step 4

Cut the loo roll in half, save the other half for another camera. Decorate your loo roll. You can choose to paint, colour with crayons, decorate with stickers or washi tape it. I taped half of the roll with a different design, so the kids can pretend one side is a “fish eye lens”, and the other side is a “macro lens”. Slip it into the camera when you are done.

Step 5

Hot glue a milk carton box cap for the shutter, and the sides of the camera for the strap. I used yarn for the strap, but a ribbon will work as well. The length of my yarn was slightly longer, so the kids could carry it crossbody style. Just tie a loop knot if its too long, you can gradually adjust it to your liking.



After the glue has dried, bring your camera to the park for some photo fun! We managed to shoot some trees, dogs taking a walk, kids at the playground and Joel attempted some rather interesting point of view angles.

Say cheese!

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