Tiong Bahru Market Favourites

On the rare occasion that the Husband gets a weekday morning off, we like to head to Tiong Bahru Market for breakfast. I love the familiar scene of elderly folks settling down to a coffee, worker bees in their office garb standing in line for nasi lemak, and acquaintances giving a smile and saying hello to one another. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the market, I feel at ease and contented with my “Teh Siew Dai” and my humble plate of vegetarian bee hoon. Here are 5 of my favourite stalls.

Washing down their Chwee Kueh with a cold soybean drink

1.”Jian Bo Shui Kueh”, #02-05


I haven’t found a better Chwee Kueh than the ones they sell here. The kids can polish half a dozen of these in a split second.

2.”Teochew Fishball Noodle Dry/Soup”, #02-13

Their fish balls are made by hand

I like my mee pok dry please, with chilli. I’m a huge fan of this stall, and their noodles are my staple
breakfast food whenever I’m here.

3.”Tiong Bahru Pau”, #02-18/19
Great for take away for breakfast the next morning! Grab an egg tart for a post breakfast treat, or a Lo Mai Kai for a light lunch. They do a mean Char Siew Sou as well.

4.”Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle”, #02-30
Wanton noodles is my favourite dish next to fishball noodles. For a mere $2.50, you get springy
noodles, char siew, and wanton. Delicious and friendly to the wallet as well!

5.”Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee”, #02-01
They only open from lunch. There are quite a few Hokkien Mee stalls around, but nothing beats this one! It is the first stall on the left, if you take the escalator up.

After breakfast, we will pop by the market below to get groceries. Prices are mostly reasonable, and I like the fact that I get free coriander and red chilli when I buy my vegetables from there. You can get a bunch of flowers for the home at the same time. A stalk of lily only costs $3.50!


There you have it, my favourites for Tiong Bahru Market. Which stalls do you like best?

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Being Kooky

Nic posing à la John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever

Accessorising with a bright red watch, and striped knee length socks? Something I’d never do. Only the little ones can get away with it. Fun, fearless and colourful, I bet life will be much more exciting if we threw caution to the wind now and then!

Friday Five, Kids’ Favourite Authors


1. Dr. Seuss
When the kids were first starting to learn how to read, they enjoyed “Ten Apples up on Top”, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” the most. These books are not intimidating at all for the beginner reader. Accompanied with quirky illustrations, it is fun, fun, fun!

2. Julia Donaldson
Donaldson is famous for the Gruffalo, and the Gruffalo’s child. We like almost everything from her, and this includes “Tabby McTat”, “Tiddler” and “Room on the Broom”. She makes a great team with Axel Scheffler, the illustrator.

3. Richard Scarry
Joel loves Huckle and Lowly. It is informative, and a fun read at the same time. His favourites are “The Adventures of Lowly Worm”, “What do People do All Day” and “The Great Pie Robbery”. The little ones quite enjoy watching the “Busytown Mysteries” DVD series as well.

4. Roald Dahl
Who doesn’t love Roald Dahl? I’ve saved my “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach” from my childhood, and Joel is now relishing them.

5. Roger Hargreaves
The stories are so silly, Nic laughs aloud frequently when I read it to her. She’s going through a phase now that she carries her small collection of Mr. Men books wherever she goes! There has been a few launches of children’s clothing recently, featuring the characters, and I got Nic a “Little Miss Chatterbox” tee which she adores.

The list will definitely change as they get older. Can’t wait to introduce them to Enid Blyton, and Beverly Clearly, whose books I enjoyed when I was a kid!

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Cooking with kids, Pizza!

Pizza must be the easiest dish to whip up with the kids, next to cereal. They need minimal help with this, except for popping the pizza into the oven, and taking it out. We invited their cousins over awhile ago, and everyone had fun piling on the toppings! The little ones can help cut the mushrooms and ham with a plastic knife.

What you’ll need – pizza base, sauce, and toppings. I got 2 sizes of the pizza base, as I thought the kids would like their own pizza all to themselves. Our favourite toppings include ham, mushroom, pineapple, smoked salmon, feta cheese, mozzarella, and rocket leaves.

Spreading the sauce first

Plopping the pineapple down

Joel’s turn now

My niece gets a little help

Wow! I made this!

Giving an approving smile

A half and half, all ready to go into the oven.

The adults wait patiently for their pizza to be ready

It’s done!

Save a base or two for a dessert pizza. We did one with nutella and pear, and it was well received. Nutella and banana make a good combination too. What ingredients do you like on your pizza?

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Wordless Wednesday, Tomfoolery at the Table

This is the reason why meal times can stretch up to 2 hours. Crayons and paper are a permanent fixture in my bag, and I always let them take a book along to our dinner venue, to while away the waiting time. Eating out with kids can be a real challenge. They can’t sit still, talk loudly, and drop food everywhere. Too often, I find myself saying “Let’s finish our food quickly, and we can all go and get some ice cream.” Which family friendly restaurants do you like to eat at?

Cardboard + Washi Tape Camera


There is a certain magic from taking a photograph. Nicole can attest to that. She is always trying to borrow the Husband’s mobile phone to use the camera function. I thought we could do a camera related craft together.

This craft is made up of a few of my favourite things, Pocky, washi tape, and paints! You can choose to solely paint the box, and not washi tape it, or vice versa.

Step 1

Get a box of Pocky, or any other similar box, and empty its’ contents. Save it for later as a treat for completing the craft.

Step 2

Open one side of the width of the box. Slip your hand inside to hold the box while painting. We used white paint to hide the Pocky design first, followed by purple. Let it dry in between coats.

Step 3

When the box has dried, use a loo roll to trace a circle in the middle of both sides of the box. Cut the circles out, do cut one side a little smaller than the other side, so the “lens” does not fall out through the back.

Step 4

Cut the loo roll in half, save the other half for another camera. Decorate your loo roll. You can choose to paint, colour with crayons, decorate with stickers or washi tape it. I taped half of the roll with a different design, so the kids can pretend one side is a “fish eye lens”, and the other side is a “macro lens”. Slip it into the camera when you are done.

Step 5

Hot glue a milk carton box cap for the shutter, and the sides of the camera for the strap. I used yarn for the strap, but a ribbon will work as well. The length of my yarn was slightly longer, so the kids could carry it crossbody style. Just tie a loop knot if its too long, you can gradually adjust it to your liking.



After the glue has dried, bring your camera to the park for some photo fun! We managed to shoot some trees, dogs taking a walk, kids at the playground and Joel attempted some rather interesting point of view angles.

Say cheese!

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