Playground Favourites

I remember lots of tomfoolery at the playground with my cousins, when I was a kid. We used to sit on the swings to see who could swing the highest. When that got too mundane, we proceeded to stand on the swings instead, and that graduated to the challenge of standing only on one leg on it. Another favourite of mine was the merry go round, I would get deliriously happy from spinning. I don’t often see the merry go round nowadays though.

Here are the kids’ favourites at the playground-

Rope Tower
Being in high places turn my knees to jelly. Not so, for my monkey. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him up there.

I have to admit, I enjoy the slides too! In the picture above, the kids decided to whizz down on their front instead. Just not head first!

Nic used to fear the swings when she was younger. She would refuse our help to give her a little push to get started. It was funny watching her trying to kick her toes in the sand to start swinging, when her feet could barely touch the ground! I recall myself as child, wanting to get off the swing, but the person behind me didn’t want to stop “helping” me! That caused me much grief.

We need more trampolines in our playground. This one is a neat little square fitted into the ground,
much more convenient than a huge, elevated contraption. It will be a perfect aid if you want to capture one of those levitation shots.

Flying Fox
This has to be the safest flying fox I’ve seen. You can sit, and as an extra safety precaution, it comes with a buckle. The best part is looking at the exhilaration on your child’s face as he glides to you!


There is really nothing better than free play, and playgrounds are best for that. If you could piece together your ideal playground, what would you include?

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