DIY Birthday Card


I’ve been eschewing store bought cards for the longest time now. Ever since I discovered scrapbook paper, wood chips and craft embellishments, I’ve been making my own cards. I’m no expert though, my so called cards are made with maybe 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, a couple of stickers and maybe an embellishment. 

My aunt turned 70 recently, and instead of reaching for my craft box, I sought Joel’s help to make a card for her. He coloured a cake template, which I printed off the internet. We stuck it on the card, then I threw him the challenge of drawing 70 candles on the cake. Looking at the size of the cake and card itself, I thought it was impossible to fit 70 candles on it. I hoped my aunt didn’t mind the candles sticking out from the sides of the cake.

In the end, Joel managed to fit all the candles on the cake. We counted together, and when we got to 70, I breathed a sigh of relief that there wasn’t going to be any gravity defying candles. 

I’m definitely going to use this template again. Suitable for anyone from 1 to 70! 



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