Making Clay Mooncakes

Mid Autumn Festival was yesterday. How did you celebrate it? We had some friends over last weekend for a lantern party. To occupy the kids, one of the activities I lined up for them was to make their own clay mooncake.


I got my mooncake moulds from Phoon Huat. If in doubt, get the plastic ones. Wooden moulds are a disaster with clay, I learnt it the hard way. The clay sticks to the wooden mould, and it is impossible to pry it out.

I got the soft clay from Daiso. They have a variety of colours. We pretended mint green was snowskin green tea and yellow was durian flavour. Art Friend sells plasticine, which I recall using when I was a kid, but it is much harder compared to clay.

Here goes!

Step 1


Pinch a dollop of the clay and roll it into a ball

Step 2


Find a mould

Step 3


Stamp it

Step 4


Use a toothpick to press the sides lightly to make the ridges

Step 5


Voila! A mooncake!

I got a little box for the kids to place their mooncakes in to take home. One of them got creative and made heart shaped ones, I think it will be a hit if they were on the market!

To keep them busy, I printed out colouring sheets from the internet as well, but these were a little less popular than playing with clay.

These were made with Play-Doh

“Egg yolk” within!

Before the party, I experimented using Play-Doh as well. The verdict? I like it better as it is more pliable and the pattern of the mould came out a little more defined. I used clay for the party as after it has set, the kids would have a little souvenir for keeps.


Hope you had fun as well from eating mooncakes and playing with fire!

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