Abura soba, Shinjuku

There are no lack of ramen shops when you are in Tokyo. Most of them come with a vending machine at the entrance. You punch in your order, drop the money in, thereafter, you pass your slip to the staff. Grab a seat, and you are served in less than 10 minutes.

We were spoilt for choice when we wanted to have noodles one evening. We entered a shop selling Abura soba by chance, as we thought it was selling ramen.

Tips for eating

Comes with yummy cha shu, bamboo shoots, and spring onion. Add your sauce, and slurp it up!

Contrary to its name, Abura (which means oil) soba, does not come with soba. The noodles are actually ramen. Instead of broth, you get a bowl of dry noodles with a mix of oil and sauce. There is a whole array of sauces you can choose from, such as vinegar to extra hot chilli.

Feeling not very brave that day, so I did not touch these

Good for a quick and satisfying meal. Noodles are always a winner for me!

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