Friday Five, 5 easy steps to a Floral Crown

Every year, at Nic’s school, the class will decide on a topic together, and embark on project work about the specific theme. This year, the topic was “flowers”. We did some craft together, and one of them was a floral crown.

You will need:

artificial flowers

green floral wire

floral tape

a hot glue gun

All of the above, except the hot glue gun, can be bought from your florist. Just let your friendly florist know you want to do a floral crown, and she will advise you which kind of artificial flowers are suitable. Some of them can simply be plucked out from the stems, while there are a few which will need a pair of pliers.

You can use fresh flowers as well. Instead of using the hot glue gun, use floral tape to attach it to the wire.

Here goes!

Step 1


Pluck the flowers out from the stems. This was Nic’s favourite part. Depending on the flowers you bought, the leaves can be taken out easily too. If not, just use a pair of pliers, or scissors if the stems are thin enough.

Step 2


Take 3 pieces of the green wire, and braid it together. Do an estimate of the circumference of your child’s head, and if you have excess wire, just coil it around. If you don’t have enough, take another piece of wire, coil it where you left off, and continue.

Step 3


When you are done braiding, you can start taping.

Step 4


Take your trusty hot glue gun, and glue the flowers on the outside on the crown.

Step 5


After the flowers are done, time to do the leaves on the inside.

Let it dry, and Ta-da! Your very own floral crown, in 5 easy steps.


Wear it with a smile!

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