Kushiya Monogatari, Shinjuku

The holidays are upon us! A week’s break from school means major mayhem at home. We did not plan any getaway for this one week break, so wish me luck that this family can survive this!

In June this year, we flew to Tokyo for about a week. We took the red eye flight, and arrived at Narita in the morning. We then took the N’EX to our hotel at Shinjuku. Our first meal in Tokyo was a very satisfying bowl of ramen. For dinner, we went to Kushiya Monogatari.

On our way to dinner

The concept is an all you can eat buffet, limited to 90 minutes. You pick your skewers of food and cook it yourself in a pot of hot oil at your table.

The kids have a go at cooking their own food

There’s quite a large variety of skewers, from meat, seafood to vegetables. They even have the mini Taiyaki! In addition to the skewers, there is a free flow of rice, noodles and miso soup. For dessert, there were small squares of cakes, and ice cream.

Love the mini Taiyaki!

Breadcrumbs are provided if you want an extra crunch

Ending the meal with an ice cream

Dinner with a view

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel greasy at all after the meal

We definitely had immense fun cooking up a storm and wolfing down the food. Oh, and the bench seats can be lifted so you can place your bags inside to protect them from the oil and flying breadcrumbs!

Kushiya Monogatari
Shinjuku Sun Flower Bldg. 5F, 1-3-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


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