Thank you, Teachers!


It’s Teachers’ Day! Happy Teachers’ Day to all the educators out there! This year, we did a simple flower craft with felt, and attached it to a home made card. I got a flower template off the internet, traced it onto felt, cut it out, and proceeded to hot glue it to a bamboo skewer. Easy peasy!

I’m currently volunteering as a “Library Mummy” at the kids’ school, so I spend some of my Friday mornings in their class. Even though it is a short 15 minutes, I can see it takes a vast amount of patience [and tolerance 🙂 ] to be a teacher to a bunch of wriggly, noisy 5 year olds. Even Joel remarked that his class felt like a “fish market” sometimes.

I spent a bit of my time in a teaching role in my old job before. I remember standing before a lecture hall and watching the students blatantly snacking, reading their magazines, and even putting their head down for a nap! Time to delve into some creative ways to get their attention!

The best part of Teachers’ Day is of course, not about the abundance and the wonderful gifts received, but the gratitude behind it.




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