Joel turns 5!

Joel turned 5 a few months ago. We threw a party for him combining 2 of his favourite themes, yoghurt and Lego! The venue was narrowed down to Sogurt, at Bukit Timah Road.

We bought some snacks from Delifrance, brought some drinks and were ready to roll!

What’s a Lego themed party without Lego? I chose to bring our Duplo, as I felt it would be less painful for me when it came to picking up the pieces.

I organized a few games and activities for the children. One of them was a DIY minifig mask. I traced the minifig head onto yellow paper, cut them out, and stuck an ice cream stick below for the handle. I brought crayons along for them to add whatever they fancied to the mask.

Party prep is always fun!

Everyone doing their masks quietly!

Joel with his completed mask

The crayons also came in handy for the colouring sheets I printed off the internet.

Can you spot the minifig?

Another game we had was “Find the minifig”. I printed and cut out 6 minifigs, and hid them randomly around Sogurt. I should have made it less obvious, as the kids found them in no time!

Guess how many?

I threw some Lego bricks in a jar, and had a “Guess the number of bricks in the jar” contest. One of Joel’s classmate managed to guess correctly!

There was also a “Build the tallest tower” contest. Some of the kids’ towers were so tall, they started toppling over. On hindsight, there was really no need for games as I saw that the kids were quite happy just playing with the Duplo.

Isaac’s tower so tall, he had to lean it against the wall for support

We got Joel’s cake from “Celebrate with Cake”. Nick and Veronica were easy to liase with. Their email replies were always speedy and polite. The end result looked amazing.

I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the cake, so this is stolen off Celebrate with Cake’s Facebook page.

Not only did the cake looked good, it tasted fantastic as well.

I found myself hoarding the remaining pieces, and rationing them over the next few days!

Many thanks for your wonderful gifts, everyone!

For his class celebration, we bought 2 dozen donuts, stacked them up, and stuck a candle on top. Voila! A donut cake! I printed off some animal themed toppers from the internet as decor.

A donut cake Homer Simpson would be proud of

Joel with his class mates


Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Joel!


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